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VIRO Rides Vega 2-n-1 Transforming Electric Scooter – What premium will you pay for unavailable Christmas gifts?

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So my son has for quite some time been mentioning a commercial he saw on TV for a scooter that turns into a bike. My ongoing, constant response is “That sounds cool”, with very little thought about how difficult these things would be to buy.

Surely if they’re still pumping money into TV ads they must be available somewhere. And we’re still 9 days away from Christmas. 

Well the trouble is, 9 days away from Christmas is more like 3 or 4 days when you take into account the weekend, the closer shipping deadlines and the holiday postal delays. Also these things are impossible to find in any store and I can see why, if they didn’t have the small person weight restriction I’d probably buy one for myself!

What’s so good about the Viro Vega 2-n-1 Scooter

Firstly, there’s nothing like it and there’s never been anything like it. My son sees it and I don’t blame him. Look at this thing.

A few years ago the “hot item” that I had difficulty getting was Nintendo’s 3DS. I remember them being sold out at all the obvious places but eventually got lucky with hours to go – it was a Christmas miracle.

With the Vega 2-n-1 Transforming Electric Scooter – things are different. I have had this back ordered at Amazon for a long time, I keep my eyes on the “out of stock” at several times a day and I have signed up for the notifications on and when I call target they say that they have no idea when they’re getting them in stock.

So where does that leave me? Where else are these things available? And maybe you’re in search mode for another item that’s on the Santa list.

The places I’ve checked for the Viro Vega Scooter

NowInStock is a great place to start your search for any hard to find item. It searches many websites for stock levels, refreshes often and lists where the items are available or my case, where there are none available. This website also provides possible alternatives to the #1 choice which may give you just enough time to play a Jedi mind trick on your children to switch their #1 with something actually attainable for the big day.

The listings on eBay, while they do contain inflated prices, are an option – especially if you cannot find the item on a local classifieds website. The eBay sellers know that they have you where they want you, right in the middle of Suckerville but it’s difficult to believe that in some listings the prices have been inflated more than $350 beyond the Amazon/Walmart price ($300+tax) to $650 + $50 shipping costs which is too steep for many.

The only other tried and tested alternative that I’m aware of is Craigslist. The prices still have a premium built in and if like me, you’re in the market for a green electric scooter-minibike thingy there aren’t many of these units left – but they are available (as of the publishing of this article). The going rate seems to be $495 but of course no shipping costs if you can pick up, maybe there’s some wiggle room on the price. The premium however, is more excusable than some of the eBay sellers.

So are you in a mad dash this year to hunt down the toy of the year? What’s the product that’s keeping you awake at night? Or do you have stories from years past? Would be nice to hear your stories in the comment section below.

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