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Museum of Ice Cream: Visit Before It Melts (July 29 – Aug 31)

Museum of Ice Cream
Read Carefully

If ever there was a symbol of summer then it would have to be an ice cream. I’m not talking about the cardboard quarts in the freezer section of Stop and Shop or Whole Foods, depending on how fancy you are. I’m talking about the cold, fluffy stuff prepared in front of you and served in a delicious cone most likely drizzled and sprinkled. This is what makes a visit to the Museum of Ice Cream so irresistible. Just close your mouths for now, the museum isn’t open until July 29th and will be closing four weeks later on August 31st.

Now I know what you’re thinking, it seems like only yesterday I was chomping on about World Chocolate Day being the greatest celebration of a sugar delivery system, and you’re right except now you have the option of chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone with marshmallows and chocolate syrup drizzle. If chocolate isn’t your poison then then there’s plain vanilla or strawberry ice cream with sprinkles and cream. While we can count on the museum’s menu having everything imaginable for your sweet cravings, the museum has even more to offer.


Ticket prices are:

  • Single ticket admits one + ice cream for $18
  • Double ticket admits two + ice cream for $30
  • Mini ticket admits a child under 10 / senior citizens + ice cream for $12

For the price of admission not only do you get ice cream but there’s more. The museum boasts that it is curated by ice cream obsessed artists, designers and friends. There is a swimmable rainbow ‘sprinkle’ pool, a collaborative ice cream sundae and an immersive chocolate room. More ice cream tasting, a ride on an ice cream scooper seesaw, and an art showing by renowned NYC artists are a part of the dizzying experience.


Some tips for families to prepare to have the most fun and overcome the sugar high for the rest of the afternoon:

  1. Limit sugar intake the day before and the morning of the visit.
  2. Keep water on hand as the go to beverage instead of soda or fruit juice.
  3. A park (Corporal John A. Seravalli Playground) is located three blocks east of the museum which could be a great place for kids to shake their sillies out and burn off some energy.
  4. Stick as closely to the usual routines the rest of the day. My son has a huge behavior change after eating too many sweets (and even after doing something really fun, like today, we bought a bike). He experiences all the fun and a huge high followed by his reluctance to carryout his ‘before bed’ routines. He is almost 100% likely to have a little cry before bedtime on days he’s had the most fun (or the most sugar). We just try to move through it with a ‘distraction joke’ or by telling him some unbelievable ‘nature fact’ (thank you Wild Kratts) so we can get him washed, teeth brushed and tucked up in bed.
  5. A discussion about ‘sugar bugs’. In the same way I joke with my son about the potatoes he is growing between his fingers or the carrots behind his ears to enable a more thorough cleaning, we have a discussion that lasts the length of brushing his teeth about the sugar bugs jumping all over his mouth. I’m sure after a trip to the Museum of Ice Cream there’ll be 300% sugar bug activity in his mouth (he loves counting down the percents) so not only will his teeth be sparkling but he’ll also have a math mini-lesson.

So if you’ve an appetite for it, keep in mind the Museum of Ice Cream is only open between Friday, 29th July and Wednesday, 31st August). Tickets can be purchased online at Showclix. You can visit the museum online at the Museum of Ice Cream and view their Instagram for more pics.

The address and hours are below. Have fun and endure the sugar highs and then defeat the sugar bugs.


Museum of Ice Cream, 100 Gansevoort Street, New York, NY 10014. Map It!



Mon 11am – 9pm
Tues *closed*
Wed 11am – 9pm
Thurs 11am – 9pm
Fri 11am – 9pm
Sat 11am – 9pm
Sun 11am – 8pm


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