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Crayola Experience

Crayola Experience
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The Crayola Experience in Easton, PA has long been a family favorite. Even before the birth of our son, we’ve taken a trip there with our then, young nephews and we’ve gone with our son as well for a few years in a row, usually in conjunction with our yearly summer visit to Dorney Park.  Crayola is probably one of the most familiar brands to even very young kids and it’s that familiarity that makes visiting that much more exciting for them. This excitement starts with the view from the paid municipal parking lot where you get a view of the back of the building and see the giant crayons tumbling from a giant box perched on the roof, the crosswalk markings are also crayon shaped.

After you enter and get your tickets, you’re given a plastic baggie with 2 tokens as you enter. These tokens are to be used in the various machines they have upstairs. You can print a custom message on a crayon or use the vending machines for model magic or markers. Because you get 2 per person, our son always gets 6 tokens per visit. You can also purchase additional tokens at a machine if you wanted more keepsakes or model magic packets. There is also an opportunity to take a souvenir photo in front of a green wall here to be reviewed and purchased later in the gift shop.

There are timed live shows in the Crayon Factory theater, it is part animation and there is a “Crayonologist” who teaches the kids a bit about how crayons are made and some other fun facts about crayons. The kids all get 1 souvenir crayon in the color that was poured that day in the mini factory.

Aside from the theater show, there are many craft and activity stations on the second, third and fourth floors.

On the second floor, some of our favorite stations are Art Alive, where you color in pictures on an iPad and send it to the big screen on the wall, color on special Color Magic sheets and scan it onto computers to bring your coloring page to life in 3D- this is also a cool activity to do at home, you can purchase a Color Magic book and download the app on your phone or tablet.

The third floor has Water Works, a water table where you take your crayon shaped boat through a canal and learn how locks work. There’s a handy sink in this area to wash and dry off hands after this activity. There’s also the indoor play area, Color Playground with a big slide and obstacles to climb and crawl through, great way to burn off extra energy before the drive home!

The 4th floor is mostly for melted crayon crafting. You can create your own Jackson Pollock-esque melted crayon artwork using the different melted crayon wax colors. There is also the melt and mold machines which melt a crayon in the color of your choice into fun shapes like dinosaurs and rings.

There are many more stations and activities available across all levels, for more detailed information, you can visit their website for a full description.

For food, on the first level there is a cafe which serves a pretty good kids meal in a souvenir lunch box, on the day of our visit unfortunately, they were all out of lunch boxes but we did still get the kids meal and ordered a whole pizza to share as well. The prices were reasonable though not cheap and they also had salad and cold sandwich options as well. Don’t forget to take a picture in front of “Big Blue”, the World’s largest crayon, as you enter the cafe.

As you leave, check out their gift shop, now you might be thinking that you can pick up Crayola products at any Target, Walmart or supermarket but they do carry some unique items here. We purchased a geometric pattern maker set that was not yet available for purchase elsewhere and it was cheaper here than it would retail for later so it is definitely worth a look.

A visit to the Crayola Experience is highly recommended any time of year as it is all indoors, it’s less than 2 hours away (depending on traffic) and the cost of admission is not too pricey. If your purchase in advance online, you can save $4 per ticket for the rest of 2016, here. And if you’re an educator, you’re in luck, teachers are free with a valid ID and every Tuesday is Teacher Tuesday, when immediate family members can also get 50% off admission.

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