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Importance of AP Classes for NYC Students

AP Classes NYC Students
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Advanced Placement Classes NYC Students  NYC AP For All - Advanced Placement

What is the goal of AP4ALL with Advanced Placement classes? ​

Every high school student will have access to a range of Advanced Placement courses. New AP courses and preparatory courses will continue to be added in the Fall of 2018, with 75 percent of students offered access to at least five AP classes. By fall 2021, students at all high schools will have access to a full slate of at least five AP classes, thereby increasing college and career readiness for all students. Many new AP classes including AP Computer Science Principles have been created in recent years. 

 Why does it matter? ​
Research shows that students who take AP courses and exams are more likely to graduate college on time; the gains are greatest for low-income students and students of color, who have long been underrepresented in AP courses. More equitable access and participation is not enough – readiness and performance in AP courses and exams will increase as well.

 What is the need? ​
Nearly 40,000 New York City high-school students are currently enrolled in schools that do not offer any AP courses today. In schools that do offer AP courses, there are wide disparities in participation and performance for black and Hispanic students, as well as English Language Learners and students with disabilities. 

 What will implementation look like? ​

We will bring AP courses to schools that have not historically offered them, increase the equity of AP course enrollment across all schools, and provide necessary supports to make courses available to English language learners and students with disabilities. There will be rigorous training for new and continuing AP teachers, as well as pre-AP support to build student and teacher readiness. We will support school leaders in identifying students who are ready for AP coursework and in programming those students to address equity gaps.

For many schools, size is a barrier in offering AP courses. AP for All may support collaboration and course sharing between co-located schools.

 What will we see in September 2018? ​

New York City’s AP4ALL program has been active for a couple of years and this will continue into next school year. There will be new AP courses and increased enrollment in existing courses at targeted high schools that offer few or no AP courses currently and demonstrate readiness to begin offering additional AP coursework. These schools will also receive rigorous, subject-specific training for new and continuing AP teachers. Pre-AP support to strengthen student and teacher readiness will also begin at targeted high schools this fall.

Learn more about the NYC AP4ALL Initiative.

Visit College Board’s website to find information relating to Advanced Placement courses.

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