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A Summer List of Fun – Starting with Diggerland

Digger Land
Read Carefully

By day I’m a public school teacher, and by evening I’m a math tutor… and by summer I’m a child just like my 5 year old son, Oliver. For a few months, Oliver has been adding things to do in the summer vacation to a white board in my office at home. The other day he typed it up (and he began learning Microsoft Word!). Here’s his list:


diggerland1Overall I think it’s a fairly modest list, without any major trips to other countries and last weekend we took a trip to Diggerland in NJ. Which to be honest I had fairly low expectations for but it turned out to be really fun. With it being so niche, the construction equipment theme park, I thought that there would be little to do for parents and that children may get bored quickly but the experience was a really great 4 hours.

Diggerland may not be Disney, Dorney nor Six Flags, but it had the benefit of the:

  • Easy to park close by (few cars, organized lot)
  • Extremely short (if any) lines for each ride
  • No crowds anywhere – possibly because it’s still establishing itself
  • A mix of rides some for the whole family and some just for kids – my son and I enjoyed competing to see who could knock down the bowling pins by controlling the ball attached to the JCB (we were each sat our own construction vehicle!)
  • No big kids – I think that this place is great for 3-8 year olds (older kids may become bored)
  • Reasonably priced gift shop (I think we paid about $12 each for the hard hat and construction vest in the photo)
  • I liked the food (pizza, fries, cheesy jalapeno potato tots) which were each between $4-6 each
  • Some amusement games

This place won’t be for everyone, but we enjoyed time away from following the crowds and having a peaceful experience at a theme park.

Next on our list is Lego Land, the Crayola Experience and a night in a hotel (something that my son loves to do). Maybe we’ll cross those off the Summer list this weekend.

If you can think of anything we’ve missed off the list for Summer 2016, leave a note in the comments below.

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